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Related article: Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:23:30 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Sullivan Subject: Adventures In Zegersland - Pt. 4DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. It does not portray the true lives or activities of the characters depicted within. It does however portray consentual sexual activity between teen males. If you find this type of material offensive, or if it is illegal to be reading such material in your area, please LEAVE NOW!AUTHOR'S NOTE: To avoid confusion in this and future chapters(?), I will refer the character of Jonathan Jackson only by his full name of "Jonathan", and will refer to Jon Lee as "Jon". Thanks for responding to the latest chapters. I greatly appreciate your comments, & hope you keep reading! ADVENTURES IN ZEGERSLAND - Pt. 4 "The Game"Ben and Richard cleared a large space in the center of the great room, except for a long, glass-topped coffee table, which the boys placed in the middle of the cleared space. Then, with the table in place, Ben laid a square backgammon board down on the table, with an empty wine bottle at the center of the board. The board had raised edges, so the bottle would not be able to spin off the table. Next to the board, Ben set down a stack of index cards."Okay guys, we're ready to play!", Richard chanted. "Gather round the table!" They all came in, taking seats around the table; Ben to Richard's right, then Jon, Bradley, Ryan, Jonathan, Andy, & finally Kevin next to Richard to complete the circle. Richard pulled out a deck of Uno cards, shuffled & then dealt one card to each boy, telling all to keep their card face down. "OK, we'll start the game going clockwise by the guy with the lowest card", Richard said. One by one, the boys overturned their cards, & Jon Lee had a "5", which was the low card drawn. "And the little, blond hunk S-Club kid has the honors", chortled Kevin in his best English golf-commentator imitation. "You REAALLY need to work on that a lot more," Jon replied. The guys cracked up.Jon and Bradley were both nervous about this game. Although the two of them had a good deal of experience jacking-off, and had even done it together once, what may await them tonight would be a whole new level of sexual exploration. Neither could recall a time when they had been around so much desireable boyflesh all together in one room. Nevertheless, Richard and Ben had clued them in on what they might be in store for this weekend, & neither boy even thought about backing out."Okay, let's see who's the first victim," Jon said, giving the bottle a big spin. Eight to nine revolutions later, the bottle came to a stop, pointing directly at Ben, amidst loud chants by the guys, Lolita Toplist Girls which grew in volume as the bottle slowed. "Mr. Gould", replied Jon "please remove your shirt!" Ben gave a big smile & stood up, slowly peeling off his AF polo, bringing assorted whistles & catcalls from the admiring teens gathered around the table. His chest was smooth; a swimmer's build, not overly developed, but nice nonetheless with dark, dimesized nips, small, rounded pecs and a nice flat tummy with just a hint of a six-pac. Tufts of brown fur highlighted his pits, standing out from the hairless chest. "Awww, cut it out you guys!", Ben said, turning red as he sat back down.As soon as Ben sat down, Bradley placed a hand on the bottle. The spinning began again, along with the chanting. This time around, the game played it's first surprise on the boys. As the bottle stopped, it was pointing right back at Bradley. "Shit!" he chortled "what happens now?" Richard spoke up, "You have to take a card from the event deck and do what it says." was his answer. "Can't I just take off m'shirt" asked Bradley. "If you wish" replied Ben, "but you still have to do the card." "Damn it all - all right!" Bradley responded. He picked up the top card, and it read: "You must french-kiss whoever is seated two people to your right." This of course was Jonathan, and soon chants of "Go Bradley Go!" echoed through the room, except by Bradley and Jonathan. Not needing more egging-on by the horny crowd, Bradley got up, walked over and pulled Jonathan into a serious liplock, bringing even louder and more boisterous cheers from the teens."Damn, that was hot!", exhorted Jonathan upon his release from Bradley. A big grin flashed upon Bradley's face, returning to his seat to allow Ryan's turn at the game. Ryan gave it a Lolita Toplist Girls big spin, whooping loudly as the bottle came to rest pointing at Andy this time. "Off with your shirt Mr. Roddick straight away!" commanded Ryan in his best imitation of a pirate captain. "Arrrrh, off with his shirt!" the rest of the hornball band of pirates replied. "Just wait until it's your turn Merriman!" Andy answered, and stood up, stripping off his shirt to reveal a tanned and toned smooth tennis chest. It set off a new round of whistles that Andy acknowledged by bowing before returning to his seat. Kevin stared longingly at him, never tiring of the sight of his tennis god's body being revealed before him.Jonathan now took his turn. The bottle on this spin pointed at Kevin. "I'm doing one of the event cards!" he replied. Picking up the top card, it read: "Choose three of the players in the game, remove their shirts & caress their nipples with your tongue." It took a moment for that one to sink in, but when it did, Ryan exhorted, "Oh, HELL YEAH!" with a bunch of animallike grunts from the rest of the room. Lolita Toplist Girls "Damn!", Kevin thought, "I wish Merriman hadn't had Andy for his pick." Even though Andy could not be one of his choices, Kevin realized that he still had lots of great stuff surrounding him from which to choose. Hesitating no more, he got up and moved around to his first selection.Kevin knelt next to Jon Lee, grasping the slim blond English boy by the torso, and gently pulling him upward into a kneeling position also, so that they could face one another. Kevin had only but a few snaps to deal with, as Jon tended to wear his shirts open, or often not buttoned at all. Jon loved the way his smooth, tan chest looked, especially when it was set off by vibrant colors, like those of the tropical shirt he wore now. Though not for long as Kevin undid the last snap, then brushed it off Jon's smooth shoulders, the silky shirt falling to the floor.Gasps erupted around the room and from Kevin as the shirt came off. Jon's chest was not athletic, but well-defined. Mainly what drew the gasps were Jon's oversized nips that were ruby red & the size of silver dollars. "Damn dude, these're awesome!" exclaimed Kevin, who wasted no time and dove right in, tongueing those beauties as he had never done before. Jon began to moan in pleasure, a melody balanced by a harmony of "Ooooh's" and "aaaah's" from the gathering of teens around the table. "I think they're gonna burst!" exclaimed Jon.Not wanting to push Jon (or anyone else!) over the edge just yet, Kevin decided now to move on to his next choice. He needed only to scoot just a foot or so past Jon to reach Bradley. The young, ebony singer's nips were already evident, their hard tips nearly bursting through the cotton material of Bradley's sleeveless teal muscle shirt. "Am I next, mate?" he asked Kevin. "Bet your ass!" Kevin replied. "Hey, it doesn't say anything about Bradley's ass on that card you drew!" cracked Ryan. Richard & Jonathan replied in stereo "Shut up Ryan!" as Kevin turned and shook his head.Getting back to work after the momentary distraction, Kevin tugged at the bottom of the shirt, removing it from Bradley's waist and pulling it up and off in one motion as Bradley obligingly raised his arms. Kevin & the others took in the view of Bradley's naked chest, a nice set of developed pecs and a hard, muscular stomach. Using the same technique he used on Jon, Bradley was soon sighing in pleasure from Kevin's oral ministrations on his nips.Ryan was taking all of this in, figuring that he would be next. He was disappointed when Kevin finished Bradley & movved on past him to Jonathan. Jonathan smiled & obliged Kevin immediately as Kevin pulled off Jonathan's t-shirt, revealing the object of many desires. Everyone cheered Kevin as he swooshed over Jonathan's gorgeous pecs, not being content until he had made them grow hard as steel. Jonathan rested as he leaned back, allowing easy access, and sighing "Yesssss!" at each touch from Kevin's hot mouth.It was now Andy's turn to spin, and when the bottle came to a stop, it was pointing at Richard. "Mr. Zegers, you will remove your shirt, please!" he commanded. The three boys that Kevin had provided with so much pleasure hooted and hollered the loudest as Kevin slowly & seductively took off his shirt. As it was his turn, Kevin then reached out and gave the bottle a spin. It came to a stop, pointing at Ryan.Ryan gave Kevin an evil, mischevious look, almost as if to say "Here's payback for not choosing me earlier." Then, Ryan turned and commanded Andy "Off with the shorts, tennis boy!" All eyes in the room were on Andy, as the lanky tennis player undid the cord on his Umbros, and let the soccer shorts glide down his tapered legs to the floor, leaving Andy nearly naked but for his boxer shorts and ankle socks. The attention he was receiving from everyone made Andy blush, & he was turning bright red as he returned to his seat.Now it was Richard's turn, and when the bottle stopped, it pointed directly again at Bradley. "Event card! Event card!" a few of the boys chanted as they rapped out a rhythm with their fists on the tabletop. "O do behave!", Bradley chortled, but gave in to the pressure and drew a card. "Damn, it says: "remove the shoes & socks of the person to your right, and suck his toes." Ryan Merriman was about to get a treat that he wasn't expecting.Since he had been swimming earlier that day, Ryan had on only socks on his feet. Bradley noticed that he had large feet, & wondered if what everyone always stated about guys with large feet was true about another part of Ryan's anatomy. He slid the socks off, Lolita Toplist Girls exposing Ryan's digits. The other boys cheered Bradley on as he gave a slow suck to each of Ryan's toes. "God, that's incredible!" cooed Ryan. "I've never felt anything like that before!" Bradley's mind continued to think about sucking off that big tool iin Ryan's shorts, which now had grown quite large in size from what it had been earlier.The game continued, & it was now Ben's turn in the rotation. Spinning the bottle, it stopped this time at Jon. "Event Card!" the blond, English singer shouted before he would be pressured by the rest of the boys to do so. It read: "Enlist the aid of everyone else in the room in deflowering the person you find most desireable this moment." His gaze immediately fell upon Andy. The boys were breathless, awaiting what would come next.NEXT PART: The de=flowering of Andy.
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